Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus


No matter what they say about various successful business stories, it never happens overnight. So, the history of our company began not yesterday, but in 1997. We started from the very beginning. And sometimes we had to glue over the edging manually, because there was no available equipment. Now we can provide qualified services, whether it is an installation of any furniture in your house or an assembly of commercial furniture and interior, because we know everything about it.

Do you have a complicated interior? For us, this is a challenge, because “we can” is the motto of our company. There are no insolvable tasks, there is a budget and deadlines. We install furniture in interiors of varying complexity in the territory of European Union and Scandinavia. We are based in Estonia, but implemented similar projects in France, Sweden, Norway, Finland.

Do you have a nontrivial task? Careful planning and consideration of customer opinion is our main strategy. We have got not only the tools and knowledge, but also the ability to listen. In close cooperation with the client, our experienced specialists approach any task creatively and are ready to implement even the most non-standard solutions.

Have you already installed the furniture? We can offer to conduct an examination to reveal the hidden defects, and after this we will give professional advice and recommendations on the elimination of defects detected.

Our mission is to free the client from worries! We do not sell furniture installation, we ensure your tranquility and keep the integrity of your nerves, freeing up your time for other things. Our mission is to make the world brighter due to the positive emotions of our customers! We love our work and adore our clients! There is nothing more precious than your impression.



Apartment Architecture Door

Assembly and installation of furniture

Are you moving into a new house, planning a renovation, and do you want the furniture to be installed qualitatively?

Does the work schedule and/or specific features of production cycle not allow you to install the furniture during working hours?

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Architecture Building Ceiling Lamp

Installation of commercial furniture and interior

Do you need to install commercial furniture, and are you looking for a company that will make it qualitatively and reliably?

Are you looking for a company that understands your desires?

Are you looking for the opportunities to assemble and install commercial furniture as soon as possible?

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Aircon Apartment Architectural Design

Other types of installation work

Do you need help installing interior parts?

Does the work schedule and/or specific features of production cycle not allow you to install the furniture during working hours?

Are you looking for a company that will install any internal structures qualitatively, reliably and quickly?

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Carvings Design Furniture

Wood carving

Are you a connoisseur of elegant classics and want to give the interior a special charm?

Do you appreciate simple and truly elegant solutions?

Are you convinced that the interior is not just a set of furniture units?

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Architecture Build

Expert examination and advice

Repair is over, but are the problems not getting any less?

Are you looking for reliable experts who will solve your problem effectively and in a short time?

Are you afraid that they will “give a piece of paper”, but problems will persist?

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Architecture Blueprint

Design and project management

Do you want to save your time and efforts?

Do you want to keep close track of how the work on your project is progressing?

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