Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus


Repair is over, but are the problems not getting any less?

If the repair is over, the furniture is installed, but you have found annoying deficiencies and you are not sure what to do, our expert will consult you and give recommendations. During the study of furniture, the most often expert’s task is to find and identify obvious and hidden defects and determine their criticality. Examination of furniture will accurately determine the non-compliance with the norms, determine the presence of defects and identify their causes. Our experts will help to draw acts and conclusions, will give the required recommendations, and, if it is necessary, will appear in court, protecting your interests.

Are you looking for reliable experts who will solve your problem effectively and in a short time?

At Profixer, we provide a wide range of expert services that will help you to find and eliminate the real cause of problems as soon as possible, and also to protect your interests. Our experts have many years of experience and an extensive history of successfully completed cases.

Range of our services:

  • examination to determine the loss suffered due to the damage to furniture affected by accidents (leaks, etc.);
  • determination of causes of the destruction of individual parts or assembly units of the pieces of furniture, including items made of glass and plastic;
  • determination of causes of wall-mounting cabinets collapse;
  • determination of causes of countertops “swelling”;
  • determination of causes of the destruction of facing materials of furniture pieces located in heat-affected zones of ovens, cooking surfaces, etc.;
  • examination of technical specifications for the design of furniture pieces;
  • examination of design documentation for the manufacture of furniture pieces, including technical requirements.

Are you afraid that they will “give a piece of paper”, but problems will persist?

We will conduct a thorough examination, present an exhaustive conclusion and help you to find the best solution in the shortest possible time, saving you from unnecessary stress and hassle. We are on your side. Your interest is our interest.

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