Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus


Are you moving into a new house, planning a renovation, and do you want the furniture to be installed qualitatively?

We assemble and install furniture of any type and complexity – cabinet, soft, household. Over the years we have been dealing with a variety of models, so we have accumulated priceless experience, which allows us to perfectly understand the intricacies and nuances of the whole process. We treat each item with due care and are able to work with the very different materials. Our employees have a full arsenal of professional tools at their disposal, necessary for qualitative and rapid execution of the order. When performing any work, our team cares about the balance of quality and speed of order execution, without sacrificing one for the sake of other.

Does the work schedule and/or specific features of production cycle not allow you to install the furniture during working hours?

We are ready to make advances and provide the necessary services at any time convenient for you, including holidays and weekends.
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