Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus


Do you want to save your time and efforts?

Equipping any object with furniture is a complex process, where everything depends on many factors: non-standard premises, custom equipment, implementation time, and so on. That is why we pay as much attention to the organization of the workflow as to the assembly and installation process.
The Profixer team of specialists will save your time and energy by acting as designer and process coordinator. We will provide effective management and coordinated work on the project.

Do you want to keep close track of how the work on your project is progressing?

We are well aware that the transparency of the working process is very important for understanding the overall progress. Our team is responsible not only for the organization and management of the project, but also for the development of algorithms and procedures for monitoring its implementation. Professional furniture assembly is a process that begins with careful planning. Having carefully studied the drawings of furniture and premises, we will prepare an estimate of costs and plan. We are also engaged in the direct implementation of the project at the site, according to the developed project. We will also provide you with regular progress reports.

We guarantee:

  • high-quality implementation of projects;
  • your time and costs saving;
  • regular transparent reports;
  • independent project monitoring;
  • protection of your interests in case of disputable situation occurrence.

Profixer provides a guarantee for the entire installation for a period of 3 years, which is stipulated in the contract. Compliance with the rules of operation of furniture will help it to be fit for use much longer.

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