Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus Mööbli kokkupanek ja paigaldus


Are you a connoisseur of elegant classics and want to give the interior a special charm?

We suggest you to pay attention to the examples of works executed by our craftsmen and presented in our shop. Wood carving is one of the oldest kinds of decorative and applied arts, highly valued at all times. Each product is made by hand and requires not only the craftsman’s knacks and skills of working with special tools, but also a developed aesthetic, strict adherence to proportions, and the ability to imagine the finished shape in perspective.

Our craftsmen are skilfully trained in the technique of three-dimensional (or sculptural) carving, which in many respects surpasses other types of wood carving by the degree of complexity. They are able to make complex joinery forms, as well as to implement artistic works: to create various iconostases, emblems, furniture, carved doors and much more. Each detail, carefully carved by an experienced craftsman, looks elegant and refined, contributing to the integrity of the entire composition.

Do you appreciate simple and truly elegant solutions?

Wooden furniture with carving looks great in a classic interior. Noble swirls on the cabinet or patterns on the kitchen set give the interior respectability and status, making it warm, cosy and unique.

Are you convinced that the interior is not just a set of furniture units?

Here at Profixer, we are sure that a beautiful interior is not just a table, a bed or a chair. This is a story created and told by the owners. Our team of skilled craftsmen will help you to tell your unique story.

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